The small red dots on the map above are some of our favorite places, and we recommend that you visit them. However, they have nothing to do with our business. We have offices in Woodland Hills, outside Los Angeles.

We’ve always been hugely entertained by the cheesy slogans that appear on the websites of many law firms. Below you’ll find our first effort at trying to take that idea to new heights, graduating from simple cheddar to a full, ripe gorgonzola.

Chris Wright

He actually prefers triathlon to being a lawyer. No offense.

These smiling people are not us, but they’re better looking than we are. Looks aren’t our strong suit.

Results Fortunately, lawyers don’t have to be good looking to get great results. Well…not immigration lawyers, anyway. Results are our strong suit, along with a pleasant bedside manner.

Full Partnership Our goal is to get so close to our clients that we make them feel genuinely uncomfortable.

While we prefer e-mail, we can wield a pen with the best of them, as demonstrated in this close-up of someone doing just that.
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