Corporate Services

We are privileged to represent a number of large and prestigious corporations.  However, we limit our representation to the field of immigration law – not the creation and administration of corporate entities.  And, with no disrespect to those big companies, most of our clients are individuals, and we like it that way.

Work Visas

Employment-based visas, both immigrant and non-immigrant, are really what we do best.  Let us know what you need.  The stunningly difficult we can do right away; the impossible takes a little longer.

Family Immigration

For simple family-based cases such as when U.S. citizens file to get their parents green cards, you can often do them on your own, just as you can do your own taxes.  But if you would sooner eat bugs than deal with more government forms than you absolutely have to, we can make things very painless.  We do this a lot.  We’re good at it.

Student Visas

The bulk of people who receive visas to study in the U.S. don’t need any help doing so.  But, things do get tricky, and when they do, we’re delighted to help if we can.  Let us know what the issue is; if we can help, we will, and if we can’t we’ll let you know that before we charge you anything.

Marriage-based Immigration

Now, we’re not going to ask intimate personal questions, but don’t ask us for help in this arena unless your marriage is for real.   We like our law license, and our guess is that you like life outside a federal penitentiary.

Passport Services

Another area where, as a rule, you aren’t typically going to need help.  But if you do, let us know.  We might just have run into the problem you’re facing before.  And even if we haven’t, yours will probably give us a good laugh.


Odd area of law, this.  Among the clients for whom we’ve secured asylum in the U.S. are Zimbabweans violently dispossessed of their farms and Bulgarians attacked because of their sexual orientation.  Not a field to joke about.  Let us know if we can answer questions for you.


We can help here, too – getting U.S. citizenship, and possibly dual citizenship.  Some governments tolerate this.  Others get really annoyed and take your passport away.  We have a big book we  can look in to check your government’s attitude.


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